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Case Study: Billie smashes her weight loss goal in time to be a bridesmaid

When Billie enquired to work with a Nutritionist at The Natural Balance clinic, she was:

  • 2 stone heavier than she felt comfortable being

  • suffering from bad acne

  • anxiety

  • borderline PCOS

  • painful periods

And it was making her very unhappy.

Billie had been struggling to lose weight all year. Even with restrictive diets, that left little room for enjoyment, Billie had only managed to lose 6 lbs, leaving her feeling worried about wearing a short, bright bridesmaid dress in 5 months’ time.

By following the tailored nutrition plan, Billie stepped up to be a bridesmaid having lost 18 lbs / 8 kg!

nutrition weight loss

So how did we get these great results for Billie?

As with any lifestyle and nutrition changes, small realistic adaptations are the best way to adopt long term changes without getting overwhelmed.

Further functional testing

Due to the borderline PCOS diagnoses from the gynaecologist, the weight gain and fluctuating mood I suspected an issue with insulin resistance and blood sugar imbalance at the root cause of Billie’s main health concerns. With a functional blood test, a more thorough panel than the GP could do, we were also able to identify low nutrient levels which can impact mood and energy.

Helping you to help yourself

Billie and I began with education around blood sugar balance and the elements of Billie’s nutrition and lifestyle that were causing the imbalance and contributing to her symptoms, including borderline PCOS. It helped Billie to grasp a deeper concept of where her choices were having an impact and accelerated her motivation for making changes.

Food diaries

Food journals really help us to help our clients. I could see from Billie’s food journal that breakfast wasn’t setting her up well for the day ahead, leaving her energy crash mid-morning which kick started an over reliance on sugar and a lot of grazing across the day.

Gut health and hormone balance

Fibre, diversity of foods and specific supporting nutrients were key to Billie’s protocol. By getting enough fibre every day Billie was able to feed the beneficial bacteria in her gut which support weight loss, improve bowel movements and help her body to clear hormones that can contribute to acne and painful periods.

Finding balance with food

Certain foods can also be inflammatory for the body which in turn can impact hormones, weight and blood sugar control. We worked on finding balance with food so that Billie was confident she was eating delicious food that would benefit her health and symptoms but felt comfortable enjoying the sweeter tastes of life occasionally. It’s important you don’t feel deprived, and Billie can confirm she never did.

Here are some of the areas Billie worked on with my support across 3 months:

  • Meal timing and finding balance across a range of foods

  • Increasing nutrient intake with fruits and vegetables and trying different recipes for new inspiration

  • Swapping carbohydrate choices for the more beneficial carbs that are full of fibre and kept her energy and blood sugar stable

  • Adding in specific foods to support hormone balance and improve the health of her gut microbiome

  • Establishing an enjoyable exercise routine that fit into Billie’s life

  • Finding new ways to relax and destress with her partner at the end of the day/week

  • Appropriate supplements to support nutrient and blood sugar imbalances as well as reduce inflammation

In her own words below, Billie is now getting her old self back and can use the knowledge I shared with her to continue to lose weight.

“Natalie is very easy to talk to and always happy to help! I can’t thank Natalie enough for the lessons and help she has provided me with. For the first time in a long time, I feel like I am getting back to my old self and that is invaluable! Thank you!“

If you're experiencing similar symptoms, frustrated with fad diets and not losing weight for good, book a free 20-minute consultation and how I can help you today.


Natalie Louise Burrows

Registered Nutritional Therapist


Natalie no longer works at The Natural Balance - you can read more about our Founder, Kelly here, or our fertility specialist Gail.

We are not attempting to prevent, treat or cure any physical, mental or emotional issues. Do not disregard medical advice or delay seeking medical advice because of information you have read on this website. Do not start or stop taking any medications without speaking to your primary health care provider.


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