Case Study: Becky, Bloating & Fatigue

Updated: Oct 25

Becky was suffering from severe bloating every day, stomach pain and struggling with her weight when I first met her. The bloating was so significant, that she told me she felt like she ‘had a pregnant belly’.

  • She was also fatigued

  • Feeling demotivated, which was out of character

  • Felt sluggish and struggled to get out of bed

  • Had lost her drive and motivation

  • Suffered with achy hands, swelling and water retention

  • Cracked lips

  • Small spots on the backs of her arms

  • Noticed that certain foods were triggers for her bloating

case study bloating fatigue before and after

As so many others, Becky had been living with her symptoms for years.

After speaking with her during the initial consultation, it became clear to me that her symptoms may be indicative of SIBO - Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth. We completed a breath test to confirm this diagnosis.

SIBO is where bacteria have migrated from the large intestine (where they should be) and into the small intestine (where they shouldn't be). When bacteria migrate here and eat the food in the gut, they begin to ferment and give off gases.

Up to 50% of people with IBS actually have SIBO but it's not something that is commonly known about. It's very common to occur after bouts of food poisoning or antibiotics.

This bacterial imbalance in the gut is why many people with SIBO experience severe bloating, smelly gas, stomach pain, achy muscles, bones and joints and brain fog. It's a result of the toxins produced by the bacteria.

In order to rebalance Becky's gut and reduce the bloating, we put together a comprehensive nutrition plan to improve her symptoms. This involved a temporary elimination diet and a structured course of antimicrobials (natural agents and herbs that kill microorganisms and stop their growth).

Over a period of several months we worked together on what is known as the 4 R’s protocol.

  • Remove pathogens (bacterial overgrowth causing SIBO)

  • Repair the gut lining with supportive vitamins and minerals to heal ‘leaky gut’

  • Re-populate with good bacteria (pre and probiotics) to prevent further infection

  • Rebalance the gut with a sustained healthy eating plan and ensure the gut stays ‘balanced’

Working together, Becky’s gut health soon improved, and combined with a more nutritiously dense diet, Becky soon found she had more energy and motivation. She has even lost 1 stone in weight and is hoping to lose more!