Case Study: Rebecca, IBS and Acne

Updated: 3 hours ago

When Becca first came to me she was suffering with a range of gastrointestinal upset and skin issues which indicated IBS, a disrupted gut microflora and histamine intolerance

  • A mix of constipation and diarrhoea

  • Bloating

  • Foul smelling stool and gas

  • Mucus in the stools

  • Acne and red inflamed skin

  • Post nasal drip

  • Itchy skin

  • Brain fog

Because of this gut imbalance she was also experiencing cystic acne on her face and fatigue from poor absorption and bacterial imbalance. The skin is your largest organ so toxins will often come out through the skin in the form of spots.

Upon further investigation, Rebecca had had extreme food poisoning in India, which then followed with a period of fainting episodes, itchy skin, post nasal drip, continuous muscle cramps, brain fog, low mood and subsequent further fatigue.

I initially suspected SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth) based on her gut concerns and history of food poisoning and antibiotics, as well as a histamine intolerance because of the itchy skin and post nasal drip.

SIBO accounts for up to 80% of IBS cases and causes severe bloating, foul smelling gas and stool as well as brain fog and fatigue.

We also completed a comprehensive stool analysis and it came back that Rebecca also had a parasite, very common in a lot of people and most likely picked up in India.

We put Rebecca onto a Low FODMAP/SIBO diet, and very quickly we could see what foods were triggers and caused bouts of gas or constipation. We also had an extensive herbal antimicrobial cleanse to kill off the parasite and help balance her gut bacteria. We worked together to ensure Rebecca was eating enough calories in each meal by incorporating a wider variety of protein, such as oily fish, and complex carbohydrates.

Becca’s tendency to skip meals saw her blood sugar plummet, exacerbating her symptoms of fatigue, so by eating three meals each day with enough nutrient and caloric content, we could stabilise her blood sugars, whilst also giving her gut a break between meals to digest and rest - very important for suffers of any GIT issues.

Water and fibre was also key to Becca’s protocol. By drinking enough water and getting enough fibre meant we could improve bowel movements and help her body to detoxify excess hormones that were a contributing factor in causing her acne.

We also worked to reduce the amount of inflammatory foods which are known triggers for hormonal imbalances, acne, bad gut bacteria overgrowth and exacerbate kidney and bladder infections which was also a common occurrence for Rebecca.

After a few months Becca was able to tell the difference. Bowel movements were becoming more regular, and if not, she was able to pinpoint exactly why (not enough fibre or water the day before, had eaten a trigger food) and her skin was clearing up with far less cystic spots appearing.

As we moved into the reintroduction phase, whereby Becca could slowly start to test her reaction to new foods, we worked on stabilising her gut microbiome through supporting herbs and supplements such as digestive enzymes, fermented foods and pre and probiotics.

Becca’s now experiencing far less bloating and constipation and her skin is constantly improving. Most importantly, she now has the knowledge to understand what causes her symptoms and the power to heal herself.

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