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A bit about Kelly...

Founder of The Natural Balance

Nutritionist, Gut Health Specialist & Health Coach

Kelly Mulhall is the founder of The Natural Balance, a one-stop, wellness shop for private Nutritional Therapy and Corporate Wellness.


Kelly takes a holistic approach to healthcare and focuses on implementing healthy eating, improved physical fitness and positive mental wellbeing  with the aim to make each and every client feel the very best version of themselves​. 


Kelly’s interest in nutrition began when she struggled with her own digestive troubles  and hormonal imbalance and spent 12 years back and forth at the doctors  searching for a solution and resolution of her symptoms to no avail.. She became increasingly frustrated and stressed with the lack of support or useful advice from her GP, so began her own journey and discovery of complementary medicine and healthcare and soon stumbled across the power of nutrition. 


Having survived off a diet of ready meals, crisps, fizzy drinks and pastries, nutrition had never been something she took much notice of. After years of trying and failing with conventional medicine and an underlying  poor diet, Kelly decided to take an interest in nutrition and finding natural ways to heal her body through diet and lifestyle change.

As she learned more about how her body worked, and with the help of a nutritionist, she began to see the  clear correlation between her symptoms and dietary choices. After experiencing such dramatic results and an improvement in her health, Kelly quit her job in events and marketing and decided to pursue a career as a nutritionist to help other people benefit from the same transformation.


She spent three years  training at the College of Naturopathic Medicine which is one of Europe's top schools for educating Naturopathic therapists, including nutritionists, herbalists and acupuncturists. Practising within the principles of Naturopathy and Functional Medicine, Kelly is trained to understand the underlying causes of someone’s health issues and to support their body holistically, in order to reach optimal health. This is achieved through a combination of diet, lifestyle, exercise, sleep and stress management.


Additionally, Kelly is a Gold Associate Health Coach, so use techniques, motivators and behavioural techniques to help you stick to your health goals - even when motivation is low. She is also trained as a yoga & meditation instructor which perfectly complements the holistic side of her naturopathic nutrition.


Coming from a corporate background herself, Kelly is also a keen advocate of wellness in the workplace and strives to help companies have happier and healthier employees by holding Nutrition workshops, webinars, in-house clinic days as well as supporting stress and burnout through yoga and meditation.

Kelly specialises in women’s health and digestive issues such as:



  • Persistent bloating, tummy ache, smelly gas, constipation, loose stools

  • Female Hormonal Imbalance

  • PMS - mood swings, low energy, anxiety

  • Irregular, heavy, no periods, PCOS

  • Acne & skin issues

  • Hypothyroid


She also focuses on a wide variety of other health complaints including Inflammatory Bowel Disease, eczema and psoriasis, cravings, poor sleep, anaemia, thyroid problems, intolerances and allergies, weight management and cholesterol.

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