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How do I know if I have IBS?

What are the symptoms of IBS?

  • You may be experiencing a mix of symptoms ranging from bloating, to tummy pain, smelly gas, loose stools, constipation, mucus or blood in the stool


What causes IBS?

  • IBS can often be triggered by poor diet, a parasite from a bout of food poisoning, a travel bug, repeat antibiotics, stress, food intolerances, lack of digestive enzymes and bile acids to break down foods


What happens if I don't fix my IBS?

  • I often see people who have suffered with IBS for many years. However, the problem with leaving IBS untreated is that it can create inflammation in the gut which causes the cells to become leaky, you may have heard of the term 'leaky gut'. Untreated IBS and leaky gut can lead to food intolerances, auto immune conditions, achy joints, brain fog, a weakened immune system, and in severe cases even colon cancer. 

  • ​When you have IBS you may not be absorbing vitamins and minerals properly. Poor absorption of nutrients can lead to low energy, brittle hair, nails and bones, hormonal imbalance, weak immune system, acne, ​


I think I eat healthily but vegetables make my symptoms worse!

  • This can be quite a common but confusing symptom. Up to 80% of IBS cases are caused by SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth). SIBO is a condition where bacteria from the large intestine (where they should be) have migrated into the small intestine (where they shouldn't be).

  • When food arrives in the small intestine, especially foods which contain certain types of carbohydrates, the bacteria start to eat the food as a fuel source and ferment it, which causes painful gas and bloating. Depending on the type of bacteria present will depend on whether you have more loose stools or tend towards constipation, or a mix of both


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How can you be certain that I have IBS or SIBO?

  • SIBO testing requires a highly advanced form of stool testing. We use highly advanced stool testing using PCR technology to assess 'good' and 'bad' bacteria levels in the gut, assess your digestive markers such as enzymes and bile, see how your body breaks down proteins, carbohydrates and fats, as well as testing for parasites, yeasts and other pathogens

  • For specific SIBO testing we may also look at a breath test to measure the level and different types of gases produced in the gut. All is possible at The Natural Balance, specialist IBS clinic.


Is it possible to get rid of IBS/SIBO?

  • Yes, it absolutely is possible to improve your symptoms! 

  • Here at The Natural Balance we take a holistic approach to improving your IBS but use evidence based, scientific data to find out the route cause of your symptoms and use a mixture of diet, lifestyle and supplemental support to get you back to great gut health


How long does it take to improve?

  • How long is a piece of string!? It depends on the severity of your symptoms, how long you have had them for and how well you stick to the protocols. But generally you will start to see some big improvements in just a few weeks. However it usually takes around 4-6 months to really eradicate all the symptoms​

IBS & SIBO Success Stories

"It’s now been 7 months since I began working with Kelly and I haven’t had one flare up" - Stewart

"I honestly thought there was no way that it could ever be fixed, but I was wrong!" - Laura

"My skin has cleared up, I no longer have IBS symptoms, and I have SO much more energy!" - Freya

"One of the best results was the improvement in my bowels so I no longer have to worry about going out, this has given me my freedom back." - Caroline

"Since working with Kelly I have so much more energy, my bloating has gone and feel so much better." - Becky

"The results have been astounding and I have lost nearly a stone in three months" - Rebecca

IBS & Gut Health Nutrition Package

This package is perfect for you if:

You need ongoing support and guidance to improve your health. Maybe you've been struggling with a health concern for a while and would benefit from a more in-depth and personalised approach to improving your wellbeing 

What's Included?

  • As IBS & Gut health specialists, we will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your current food intake -  3 day Food Diary Assessment

  • Full Health & Medical History to gain greater understanding of your symptoms

  • A fully Personalised Nutrition Plan catered to your needs and preferences

  • Tailored Recipes and Meal Plans to help you achieve your health goals

  • Customised Supplement plan (10% discount)

  • Carefully selected Lifestyle and Exercise recommendations designed to compliment your nutrition and health goals

  • Regular Calls and Support to track progress and amend your personalised Nutrition plan as needed

  • Access to your own Nutrition Portal and Downloadable App to review reports, test results, meal plans and to log your food, mood and exercise

  • Bi-Monthly follow up sessions to help keep you on track, motivated and held accountable to achieve your objectives

  • Unlimited access throughout the program for ongoing support and questions

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Stomach Ache

IBS & Gut Health Nutritionists

Learn more about how our IBS & Gut Health specialists can guide you through your IBS journey with The Natural Balance. Book a call with Kelly or Irina today.

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