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corporate health and wellness programs
Corporate Nutrition Programs
& Wellbeing Workshops

Championing a healthy working environment through corporate Nutrition Workshops online & in the office

Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach Kelly Mulhall and her team work with businesses to improve the wellbeing of employees and teams in London and beyond.


The demands of the corporate environment can result in elevated levels of stress, lack of sleep, and reliance on caffeine and snacks. These are some of the factors that can lead to poor performance, reduced productivity, and an increase in sick days.

At The Natural Balance, Kelly’s London based practice, we help empower companies, managers and employees through corporate nutrition programs and workshops, to find a more balanced way of living, using a range of holistic practices. 

Where is your company now?

  • Looking to incorporate wellness into the workplace

  • Want to create a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce

  • Need to improve the work/life balance for your employees

What problems are you facing within your teams?

  • Employees suffering with work related stress and anxiety

  • High staff absenteeism and turnover, reduced productivity

  • Employees complaining of sore neck, back and shoulders

  • Desk related poor posture, carpel tunnel or back ache

What are the benefits of a corporate wellness program?

  • They create a sense of wellbeing in the workplace

  • Increase focus, productivity and team morale

  • Improve the physical and mental health of your employees

What do you need help with?

  • Helping employees to manage stress levels

  • Tips and techniques to help de-stress and relax

  • Yoga postures to help alleviate desk related aches and pains

  • Showing employees that you care about their health and welfare

"I thought Kelly was really inspirational! Definitely made me want to change my eating habits for the better"

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Who we work with...

What some of our clients say...

"Our HR team works with Kelly on an ongoing basis to deliver a range of wellbeing sessions and corporate nutrition programs in an effort to address challenges that our employees may be experiencing around mental and physical health. Kelly has created tailored and engaging programmes for our employees on mindfulness & meditation, office yoga & stretching, and nutrition workshops. Her practical approach, clear communication style, and optimistic attitude are key to her success. I would highly recommend Kelly and her wellbeing sessions and corporate nutrition workshops to other HR managers."

Kiley, HR Manager at a wealth management fund

"We recently organised a Nutrition Talk session (webinar) with Kelly for our employees, and she really hit the mark for our audience. Beyond the informative and helpful content delivered, she was personable and inspiring. We are really happy with the positive feedback received from our colleagues, and we are planning to bring Kelly back next year for more sessions on different topics around wellbeing."

Julia, HR Advisor at a global insurance company

"Kelly's presentation was very informative and easy to understand - no jargon, no judgement, excellent!"

"Really personable, I felt the content hit the mark for the audience"

Corporate Wellness,
Nutrition Programs and Workshops



What if we could help you implement and Wellness Program that would benefit your workforce by giving them the skills they need to become happier, healthier, and more productive?


By building a range of holistic healthcare practises into our corporate nutrition workshops, we enable employees to overcome many of the daily stressors which cause stress, muscle pain, anxiety, overtiredness, and exhaustion.


How The Natural Balance can help your Workplace Wellness Program

  • Office Wellbeing consultancy

  • Tailored Corporate Nutrition Programs & Workshops

  • Desk correction Yoga & Pilates 

  • Meditation & Mindfulness for beginners

  • Sleep & Stress Management Workshops 

  • Fitness boot-camps 

  • Mini Massages to destress and support for desk related injuries 

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