The Difference Between Ovarian Cysts & Polycystic Ovaries

Updated: 3 hours ago

Yes, there are multiple types of cysts that can form on the ovaries.

Yes, any type can have an affect on female hormonal imbalance, ovulation, mood and weight and a myriad of other symptoms.

And yes, in most situations, all can be treated.

Identifying the type of cysts present will aid in all treatment options, especially natural remedies to address female hormone imbalance.

There are several types of cysts with some of the most common being...

*Functional cysts: consisting of Follicular Cysts (benign cysts on or in the ovary) and Luteal Cysts (forms once an egg has been released by the ovary, a very common occurrence in menstruating women)

*Abnormal cysts which are due to irregular cell growth such as Cystadenoma (often benign growths that develop on the surface of the ovary) or Endometrial (Endometrial cells begin to grow on the ovaries, causing a cyst. More likely if diagnosed with Endometriosis)

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What are the symptoms?

*Irregular periods: this can mean heavier or lighter flow than normal, change in cycle length

*Pain that is dull or achy, cramps, or a short sharp pain to either the left of right side of your abdomen (where you imagine your ovaries to be)

*Bleeding throughout the month

*Swelling around the belly and bloating around period

*Pain during sex

As with your cycle, every woman is different, and only you know when something is not quite right. If anything unusual happens it's always best to seek advice.

How are cysts diagnosed?

*Pelvic examination



So what are Polycystic Ovaries?

Type 1: Straight up Polycystic Ovaries

Type 2: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (aka PCOS)

Polycystsic ovaries are different to ovarian cysts, in that the ovaries are covered with small follicles in which the egg develops, rather than cysts filled with fluid.

What are the symptoms?

Type 1: This simply means your ovaries have many cysts on it. Quite common and often harmless unless you experience pa