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Nutrition for Pregnancy, Fertility & IVF | Pregnancy Meal Plan | Fertility Meal Plan


Optimise your fertility naturally, to help achieve the pregnancy you dream of.

Fertility Testing & Blood Work

Cycle & Fertility Tracking

Lifestyle Assessment

Semen Analysis

Fertility Nutrition Support


When you are trying to conceive, it can be hard to know what advice to listen to. We believe your body knows best.

At The Natural Balance, we know there is no one size fits all. So we aim to use a fully personalised and tailored approach to your fertility journey, which is rooted in the latest scientific research alongside our fertility nutritionist’s expertise and past experience.

Whether you are just starting out on your fertility journey or facing unexplained infertility, unsuccessful IVF, recurrent miscarriages or inconclusive test results – our specialist fertility nutritional therapy, meal plans, diagnostic testing and supplement support will give you the best chance of improving your fertility.

Nutrition for Pregnancy, Fertility & IVF | Pregnancy Meal Plan | Fertility Meal Plan
IVF & Fertility Nutrition London
London Pregnancy & Fertility Nutritionist

Through a combination of testing, analysis, nutrition, exercise & supplements, our fertility nutritionist will optimise your fertility to give you and your partner the best chances of success.

What's included:

Fertility, IVF, Pregnancy Diet Plans & Nutrition Packages

An in-depth, science based and personalised approach to Fertility & Pregnancy, with ongoing support to help achieve your goals.

London Pregnancy & Fertility Nutritionist

Health & medical assessment

London Pregnancy & Fertility Nutritionist

Test interpretation

London Pregnancy & Fertility Nutritionist

Bespoke fertility nutrition plan

London Pregnancy & Fertility Nutritionist

Tailored lifestyle & exercise recommendations

London Pregnancy & Fertility Nutrition Packages & Meal Plans

Regular catch up calls

London Pregnancy & Fertility Nutrition Packages & Meal Plans

Personal portal & mobile app

London Pregnancy & Fertility Nutrition Packages & Meal Plans

Fertility supplement protocol

London Pregnancy & Fertility Nutrition Packages & Meal Plans

Unlimited therapist access via chat app

What Our Clients Say

“I found out I had a low egg reserve and immediately panicked about my future fertility options. At this point I began researching egg freezing and decided it was the right choice for me. I went through one round, which was unsuccessful as I didn’t respond well to the stimulation treatment. I felt a bit lost at this point and started to think children weren’t going to be an option for me. This is when I began looking into nutrition and lifestyle factors to improve my odds. I found Gail online and we immediately clicked. She had gone through her own fertility journey and I knew she understood the lows that came with that. I always thought of myself as pretty healthy, but I didn’t realise how many factors can play into egg health and ultimately affect their quality. Gail gave me the knowledge to make lasting changes to my diet. She was so adaptable in her approach and continually modified my plan to suit me and make me more compliant.


I had also consistently suffered with low iron levels and a subsequent lack of energy since my childhood. Gail ensured I was eating enough across my daily meals by regularly reviewing my food intake and giving me tips on ways to get more into my diet and improve its absorption. I started to feel a difference almost straight away, which really gave me confidence the diet plan was working. On top of this, I learnt how to support my body through exercise. Instead of doing more damage with repetitive gruelling exercises that were elevating my stress levels, I began to listen to what my body was telling me and started to take care of my mind, which was transformational. 


When it came to the egg collection, I felt prepared and empowered by my knowledge and armed with questions to get the correct advice from my healthcare provider. The treatment was successful and they managed to retrieve 8 healthy eggs, which I was so happy with given the past failed round. I am due to go through a final egg collection early this year and Gail continues to support me in preparation. She has been such a beneficial resource and I’m so grateful for all the advice she has shared”.


Fertility & IVF Nutritionist & Pregnancy Packages

Nutrition, Lifestyle & Supplemental Support for Fertility & Pregnancy Planning from the best women's Health & Hormone Nutritionist in London, UK.

3-Month Female Fertility Package

This packaged is designed for the woman who has been trying to conceive naturally for a while but have so far been unsuccessful and need support improving their chances.


Our fertility package from our top fertility nutritionist is also a great option for women who are planning on conceiving through assisted methods such as IVF or IUI and want to optimise their egg health, improve their chances of implantation, and a successful pregnancy.

3-Month Couples Fertility Package

This package is perfect for the couple who both want to explore all possible contributing factors for sub-optimal fertility.


It takes 3 months for an egg and sperm to fully mature, so this is the optimal timeframe to implement dietary and lifestyle changes to improve their quality.


This package also includes fertility tests for couples and its interpretation, and exploring any additional underlying health concerns that may be impacting your reproductive health.

6-Week Pregnancy Plan

1.Essential nutrients for you and baby during pregnancy.


2.Support for morning sickness, fatigue and appetite changes.


3.Nutritional advice from our fertility nutritionist to support a healthy pregnancy in all trimesters.


4.Natural nutrition, supplement & lifestyle advice for pregnancy.


5.Managing stress, exercise and weight gain during pregnancy in a healthy way.

6.The first 1000 days: Breastfeeding, rest and nutrition post-partum.


Fertility, IVF & Pregnancy Nutrition Plans


An in-depth and personalised approach to support you on your fertility and pregnancy journey.

All our packages provide you with your own online secure portal and mobile app so you can access your protocols, test results and information on the go.

Fertility & Pregnancy Nutrition Plans
Fertility & Pregnancy Nutrition Plans
Fertility & Pregnancy Nutrition Plans
Meet Gail - Our Fertility & Pregnancy Nutritionist

Meet Gail - Our Fertility, IVF & Pregnancy Nutritionist

Gail is our dedicated fertility, IVF, pregnancy & hormone nutrition specialist


She is ready to guide you into balance so that you can optimise your fertility and support your body through pregnancy.

London Fertility Nutritionist | London Pregnancy Nutritional Therapist | The Natural Balance

Learn more about optimising your fertility through our nutrition & wellbeing blog

  • Why might you want to see a nutritional therapist?
    You have had long term, undiagnosed symptoms that a doctor cannot seem to help with. You want to take a more natural approach and avoid where possible, taking medication. You would benefit from ongoing support and motivation to making dietary and lifestyle changes. You are fed up with not feeling your best and want to know if there are any underlying health conditions.
  • Do you only look at nutrition?
    No, we take a holistic approach to your healing. Alongside nutritional support you may be offered exercise and lifestyle guidance as well as laboratory testing to gain further understanding of the cause of your symptoms which will help us tailor your nutrition plan. By taking the time to understand you as a person, you can expect to receive an achievable protocol that will fit in with your personal, social, work and family life commitments to help you achieve your optimal health and wellbeing goals.
  • What kind of conditions do you treat?
    We never aim to 'treat' but work to resolve the root cause of a symptom and empower you to take control of your health in the longer term. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience of supporting the following conditions: Female hormonal problems: Hormonal acne, PMS, Irregular/heavy/no menstruation, PCOS, infertility, endometriosis, fertility Digestive issues. Eg. IBS, IBD, bloating, gas, painful tummy, intolerances, allergies Anxiety/Depression Stress and Burnout UTI’s, Diabetes Thyroid issues Sleep trouble, Fatigue Hypertension, high cholesterol Eczema and skin issues Menopause and perimenopause Plus much more...
  • Can you help me to get a diagnosis for my condition?
    Absolutely. Many of our clients are frustrated that they've been unable to receive a formal diagnosis for their symptoms through the traditional healthcare routes. We work closely with our clients to help get a medical diagnosis (if needed) as often symptoms are overlooked by the GP and a client wont be sent for further investigations.
  • What's the difference between a nutritional therapist and a nutritionist?
    Technically we are classifed as qualified Nutritional Therapists and not Nutritionists. The main difference being that we've studied biomedicine and biochemistry, which means we are more qualified to support complex cases. Our school of study is called The College of Naturopathic Medicine which means we are a complimentary healthcare provider within the framework of functional medicine.
  • What does Functional Medicine based mean?
    Functional medicine based means we take a fully holistic and biology–based approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease and your symptoms
  • What is the role of science-based nutritional therapy in mental health?
    Science-based nutritional therapy plays a significant role in mental health by identifying and addressing nutritional deficiencies that may affect mood and cognitive function. It supports brain health through optimal nutrition, potentially improving conditions like depression and anxiety. To know more about the role of science-based nutritional therapy, get in touch with our expert nutritionists at The Natural Balance.
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