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Disordered Eating

Do you answer yes to any of the following:

  • Does every day feel like a battle with food?

  • Do you spend a lot or most of your time thinking about food?

  • Do you experience a sense of being out of control around food?

  • Are you trapped in a cycle of bingeing and restricting and don’t see a way out?

  • Do you feel anxious and tense, especially around mealtimes?

  • Do you find it difficult when eating in front of others?

  • Do you use food or restriction of food to deal with difficult situations or feelings?

  • Are you irritable, anxious, and experiencing mood swings?

  • Do you organise your life around food?

  • Is some of your behaviour with food a secret?

  • Do you struggle with your weight, shape, or body image?


If any of these concerns are dominating your life and causing you ongoing distress, it
may be time to get some help.​





What types of eating disorders can you help with?

As a specially qualified nutritional therapist we can currently support clients suffering with binge eating, bulimia nervosa and disordered eating, such as chronic dieting. However, we never want to squeeze you into a box or label you unnecessarily as you may just have a poor relationship with food in general which you want to work on.

What can I expect from a Nutritional Therapist?

We will work together on the underlying causes that reinforce your difficult relationship with food using a combination of nutritional, behavioural, and psychological interventions. At times, we also work alongside a councillor, psychotherapist, or GP should some we need to ensure the best and safest support you deserve.

What happens during a consultation?

During our sessions, we will explore the underlying physiological and psychological aspects specific to you and your situation. We co-create and define the fundamental next steps you can take on your individual path towards health and well-being. As we are all unique, this process is completely tailored to your needs.

"Together we will find a way how you can transform your relationship with food and be kinder to your body."

Pasta Meal

Want to discuss your concerns in more details?
Why not book a call with our Healthy Eating specialist?

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