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Helping you to rediscover a healthy relationship with food.

Binge Eating


Bulimia Nervosa

Disordered Eating

Extreme Dieting


Professional Support for Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating

Expert Binge Eating & Eating Disorder Therapy in London & Online

You deserve to live life to the fullest and food plays a vital role in helping you to thrive.

But if you are suffering from binge eating disorder, bulimia, anorexia or any disordered eating patterns, every day can feel like a battle and it can be hard to view food for the nourishment and life-giving fuel that it provides.

At The Natural Balance, we will support you in redefining your relationship with food so that you can find freedom from the symptoms of controlled eating.

Our eating disorder nutritionist will work together on the underlying causes that reinforce your difficult relationship with food using a combination of nutritional, behavioral, and psychological interventions.


At times, we also work alongside a councillor, psychotherapist, or GP should some we need to ensure the best and safest support you deserve.

Book your Free Consultation with our eating disorder therapist in London or online today.

Disordered Eating, Eating Disorders & Creating Positive Relationships with Food | The Natural Balance Nutritionist London
London Disordered Eating Nutritionist | London Eating Disorders Nutritional Therapist | The Natural Balance
How we help

Exploring your relationship with food


Retraining your body to feel hunger and satiety


Understanding and working with your beliefs about food


Understanding barriers to change


Nutritional therapy support


Coached behavioural change

Eating Disorder and Food Relationship Plans


Our expert eating disorder nutritionist will create a fully personalised plan and provide a supportive approach to help improve your relationship with food.

All our packages provide you with your own online secure portal and mobile app so you can access your protocols, test results and information on the go

Eating Disorder and Food Relationship Plans
Eating Disorder Nutrition Plans
Eating Disorder and Food Relationship Plans

Eating Disorder Treatment Therapy and Packages

Nutrition, Lifestyle & Supplemental Support for Eating Disorders & Disordered Eating.

7 Week Empowered Eating Programme

Designed to address the unique needs of individuals struggling with their relationship with food. The primary objective is to transform your eating habits by offering customised resources, tools, techniques, and one-to-one coaching.


The programme aims to help identify and overcome negative behaviours and beliefs about food, which helps foster a healthier and more positive relationship with food but also improves overall well-being.


Additionally, the program offers vital information about nutrition and its impact on brain chemistry, hunger, and satiety.

3 Month Whole Body & Mind Nourishment Programme

This programme takes a combined approach between nutritional therapy and psychological interventions when working on a relationship with food and disordered eating patterns.


It is designed to address both the physical, mental, and nutritional factors that contribute to binge eating disorder, anorexia or bulimia.

It is designed to address both the physical, mental and nutritional factors that contribute to disordered eating patterns and a poor relationship with food.


The programme combines a full medical history, alongside analysis of psychological factors which can be contributing to body image issues, and self-esteem.


Based on this assessment, a personalised plan is developed that includes both nutrition and psychological support.


Together we will find a way to transform your relationship with food and be kinder to your body.

Irina - Obesity & Eating Disorder Specialist Nutritionist. Gut & Digestive Health Nutritionist
Meet Irina - Our specialist Eating Disorder Nutritionist

Irina is our dedicated eating disorder nutrition specialist


Irina is passionate about providing the support everyone deserves while emphasising joy and freedom around food.

"Highly recommend Irina as she has been great at helping me to improve my physical and mental wellbeing thanks to her qualified nutritional advice and very kind mental support she provided for the whole treatment period. Irina truly cared about how I felt when I implemented each recommendation and adjusted the plan when something was not feasible to follow on my end. Irina checked in with me weekly to ensure that the progress is being made and she was very supportive when I felt down and believed that nothing will ever get better. I believe that her mental support helped me a lot along with nutritional recommendations."


Eating Disorder Nutrition | Irina The Natural Balance


Book your free consultation with our eating disorder nutritionist in London or online today.
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