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The Natural Balance London Nutritionist
The Natural Balance Nutritional Therapy London


No calorie counting, no restrictive diets, just science-based Natural Health Solutions 

Meet the Best Nutritionists in London

Your body can heal naturally when you give it the support and care it needs.

We are a team of functional medicine based nutritional therapists in London, who provide online consultations, committed to helping you live life fully and free from long-term health conditions.

We work with so much more than just diet. We take a whole body and mind, patient-centered approach to support your symptoms based on hard evidence and diagnostics.

​This is a holistic and naturopathic approach to healing your body, which is firmly grounded in science.

Kelly Specialist Nutritional Therapists | The Natural Balance Nutrition London
London Nutritional Therapist

"Our goal is to get you back to health so that you can live life fully and show up as the best version of yourself for your loved ones."

As Featured In

London Nutritionist Feature  | The Natural Balance London
London Nutritionist Feature  | The Natural Balance London
London Nutritionist Feature  | The Natural Balance London
London Nutritionist Feature  | The Natural Balance London
London Nutritionist Feature  | The Natural Balance London
London Nutritionist Feature  | The Natural Balance London
London Nutritionist Feature  | The Natural Balance London
London Nutritionist Feature  | The Natural Balance London
London Nutritionist | London Nutritional Therapist | The Natural Balance

Have you come to a dead end when it comes to healing your symptoms?

Many of our clients come to us frustrated to have been told that medication is their only option.


They are tired of being passed back and forth between various GP's and specialists. 


If you are dealing with ongoing health problems that traditional healthcare can't seem to resolve, we are here to help you explore natural alternatives to improving your symptoms

Our online nutritionist services will help you to heal your body naturally, from the inside out.

What Our Clients Say

I was a little apprehensive of working with a Nutritionist but it was the best decision made. They work in a very honest and open way, gave me clear guidance and expectations on what it would take for me to get on a road of recovery to get me healthy again! Just like everything in life – you exercise to stay healthy, you see a therapist to help your mind, I will always see a nutritionist to help with my health.  I couldn't recommend working The Natural Balance highly enough.



London Nutritionist | London Nutritional Therapist | The Natural Balance

Your body holds deep wisdom. Trust in it. Learn from it. Nourish it. Watch your life transform and be healthy.

How We Work Together

Nutritional assessment and consultation

Diet & Nutrition Assessment

Advanced functional medicine testing

Advanced functional medicine testing

Personal nutrition plans

Personal nutrition plans

Lifestyle and exercise protocols

Lifestyle and exercise protocols

Stress management and support

Stress management and support

Sleep protocols

Sleep protocols

Advice on supplements

Advice on supplements

Nutritional Support and collaboration

Support and collaboration

London Nutritionist

Get a personalised, online nutrition plan from one of our expertly trained nutritionist's

Nutritional Therapy Services 

At The Natural Balance, our expert online & London based nutritionists make reaching your health goals achievable & affordable.

We know that life is busy and we are realistic and personable in our approach - there is no calorie counting with us!


We strive to make our programmes achievable so that you feel supported and empowered to make positive changes towards your health goals.. And by being online we hope to be an affordable option for you too.

No matter what you are suffering with, you don't need to resign yourself to living with your symptoms - we're here to support you as you journey back to health.

The Natural Balance Nutritional Therapist
London Nutritionists

Our Team of Nutritionists

Gail | London Nutritionist Women's Health

Women's Health Specialist - Nutrition for Fertility, Pregnancy and Hormonal Imbalance

Kelly Nutritionist Gut Health

The Natural Balance Founder. Specialising in Gut Health and Digestive Nutrition.

Irina Nutritionist Eating Disorders

Obesity & Eating Disorder Specialist. Gut & Digestive Health Nutritionist

Three Simple Steps Towards Optimal Health

Book a free call for your specific concern

Book a 20-minute online consultation with one of our nutritional therapists in London.

Be guided through improving the symptoms

We'd support you back to health by addressing the root cause.

Live life symptom free and happy in your body.

Get your freedom back and discover a renewed energy and passion for life.

Nutritionist London | The Natural Balance Nutritional Therapy UK

Book your free 20 minute nutritional consultation

  • Why might you want to see a nutritional therapist?
    You have had long term, undiagnosed symptoms that a doctor cannot seem to help with. You want to take a more natural approach and avoid where possible, taking medication. You would benefit from ongoing support and motivation to making dietary and lifestyle changes. You are fed up with not feeling your best and want to know if there are any underlying health conditions.
  • Do you only look at nutrition?
    No, we take a holistic approach to your healing. Alongside nutritional support you may be offered exercise and lifestyle guidance as well as laboratory testing to gain further understanding of the cause of your symptoms which will help us tailor your nutrition plan. By taking the time to understand you as a person, you can expect to receive an achievable protocol that will fit in with your personal, social, work and family life commitments to help you achieve your optimal health and wellbeing goals.
  • What kind of conditions do you treat?
    We never aim to 'treat' but work to resolve the root cause of a symptom and empower you to take control of your health in the longer term. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience of supporting the following conditions: Female hormonal problems: Hormonal acne, PMS, Irregular/heavy/no menstruation, PCOS, infertility, endometriosis, fertility Digestive issues. Eg. IBS, IBD, bloating, gas, painful tummy, intolerances, allergies Anxiety/Depression Stress and Burnout UTI’s, Diabetes Thyroid issues Sleep trouble, Fatigue Hypertension, high cholesterol Eczema and skin issues Menopause and perimenopause Plus much more...
  • Can you help me to get a diagnosis for my condition?
    Absolutely. Many of our clients are frustrated that they've been unable to receive a formal diagnosis for their symptoms through the traditional healthcare routes. We work closely with our clients to help get a medical diagnosis (if needed) as often symptoms are overlooked by the GP and a client wont be sent for further investigations.
  • What's the difference between a nutritional therapist and a nutritionist?
    Technically we are classifed as qualified Nutritional Therapists and not Nutritionists. The main difference being that we've studied biomedicine and biochemistry, which means we are more qualified to support complex cases. Our school of study is called The College of Naturopathic Medicine which means we are a complimentary healthcare provider within the framework of functional medicine.
  • What does Functional Medicine based mean?
    Functional medicine based means we take a fully holistic and biology–based approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease and your symptoms
  • What is the role of science-based nutritional therapy in mental health?
    Science-based nutritional therapy plays a significant role in mental health by identifying and addressing nutritional deficiencies that may affect mood and cognitive function. It supports brain health through optimal nutrition, potentially improving conditions like depression and anxiety. To know more about the role of science-based nutritional therapy, get in touch with our expert nutritionists at The Natural Balance.
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