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"Before starting yoga I was extremely inflexible, to the point where I could barely get past my knees when trying to touch my toes. Running and playing football are the only two sports that I’ve ever really done, so although I had a good level of general fitness, any muscles that are not impacted by football or running had received very little attention over the past 30 years.

I thought that I would have the flexibility of a robot and I would be so bad that I wouldn’t enjoy it but

it’s been bloody marvellous! Fortunately, Kelly is extremely patient and has embraced the challenge of getting me to bend. I really like that each week is varied and that she gives us the option to work on a certain area of the body.

My toes are getting extremely close, however my best result is ‘crow’. It’s not a goal that I had when starting yoga, however I never imagined that I would be able to support my body weight with just my hands, when the rest of my body is off the floor!

As fun as the bending is, the environment is really important as well. I want to be able to have a laugh whilst exercising and everyone is on the same wave length. It’s a fun, varied session, which I look forward to every week. Yoga is now a key part of my life and that stems from you Kelly!!"


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"Before I did yoga, my muscles were quite tight and stiff. I have always been physically fit doing exercise regularly throughout the week, but never really took the time to properly stretch post exercise or indeed listen to my body and actively stretch when it felt sore or tight. Consequently, I was not particularly flexible, often struggling to touch my toes or hold certain stretches for any length of time.

Yoga was a bit of an unknown to me and because of that I was a little bit unsure or nervous as to whether I would enjoy it and feel any benefits from it.

The process with working with Kelly has been very easy-going. Kelly manages to pay very close attention on everyone during the sessions allowing participants to really focus in on poses and positions and enable them to really challenge themselves and push their bodies where necessary. The sessions are very care-free and inviting, which instantly makes for a relaxed and comfortable environment for people to practice in.

Working with Kelly over the last 12 months has really allowed me to check in with myself for an hour a week, clear my thoughts and focus on me for a bit in a peaceful environment. I generally feel a lot calmer in life and practising yoga with Kelly has certainly helped with this. I also feel significantly stronger and much more flexible. I have found yoga to be such a good workout for the body and the mind. It challenges me and in some cases is the toughest workout I do all week, but immediately rejuvenates me and makes me feel stronger, allowing me to undertake other types of exercise throughout the rest of the week, without feeling as tired. Ultimately, post practising, I find it gives me a sense of empowerment and makes me feel happy and fresh."


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