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What We Offer at The Natural Balance

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What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional therapy is a holistic way of healing the body, mind and soul. We use tried and tested healing methods that get you the results you want by blending Naturopathic Principles with Functional Medicine. We focus on finding natural methods to address the underlying problems by identifying the root cause, rather than just treating the symptoms. 


About The Natural Balance

Founded by Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach Kelly Mulhall, The Natural Balance is a London based Nutritionist practice that specialises in Digestive Issues, Women’s Health and Hormonal Imbalance, Fertility, Miscarriage & Pregnancy and overall Wellbeing.  We offer everything from private nutritional therapy packages, to a food diary review, personalised meal plans as well as self led, online nutrition programs.

Our corporate nutrition workshops and wellness programmes are for businesses looking to optimise the health of their employees, which will translate into improved productivity, increased motivation and reduced absenteeism.


Whilst we offer Nutrition Packages, we never take a one size fits all approach - we work with you as an individual, tailoring your support levels to your body’s unique needs. 


Nutritional Therapy Packages

     •    Personalised Meal Plans
     •    3 and 6 month Nutritional Therapy Packages
     •    Food Diary Review

     •    Pre and postnatal pregnancy packages
     •    Self-led Hormone Balancing and Gut Reset online courses


Areas of Expertise

     •    Digestive disorders - IBS, IBD and SIBO   

     •    Infertility, IVF and Miscarriage support

     •    Pregnancy nutrition support - Trimesters 1-4

     •    Women's health - hormones, energy, PCOS, endometriosis
     •    Qualified nutritional therapy consultants


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Nutritionist Basics - Optimising Your Diet

Book a Food Diary Review to ensure you have the tools you need for a healthy, balanced diet.

  • Are you unsure if your diet is healthy? 

  • Would you like easy-to-follow nutritional advice to improve your health?

  • Have you recently changed to a certain type of diet and not sure you are doing it properly? Eg; vegan or vegetarian?

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improve gut health


By our Fully Qualified Nutritional Consultants

Our nutrition packages help women with busy lives support gut health, energy, fertility & mood

  • Are you fed up of going to the doctors but not getting any results?

  • Looking for nutrition and supplemental support to improve your health?

  • Fed up with being constantly tired, sick, moody and lacking in energy?

  • Need support to improve your fertility or manage your pregnancy?

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hormonal imbalance for women


Nutritionist Led Hormone Balancing Program

This online nutrition package is designed for women struggling with Hormone Imbalance  

  • Want a step-by-step guide on what to eat to balance your hormones?

  • Confused about what to eat to improve your mood, reduce pain and PMS?

  • Want all the top tips from a nutritional therapist at a fraction of the cost?

  • Need the flexibility to work at your own pace and in your own time?​

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