Sam Wicks

I got recommended to Kelly from a good friend. I came to see Kelly because I had decided to come off the pill (which I had gone on 20 years ago bc of acne) I knew there was a high chance of it coming back which caused me lots of anxiety & my friend said Kelly had a lot of experience in this area as she went through it herself which was comforting to know. When I met Kelly for my first consultation she made me feel very at ease and I felt like she definitely had the knowledge. I was reasonably healthy anyway but sticking to this new way of eating was tough for me at the start as I tended to be a grazer. After a while I got used to it & now is a way of life. Kelly gave me all the right supplements to support my body going through this change & it’s now been 4 months and still no break outs which I am delighted with. The journey with Kelly was amazing & I couldn’t recommend enough for acne worries. Kelly has left it open for me to come back if anything does change which is comforting to know as I know I’ll be In safe hands. Thank you so much Kelly.

Becky Wilcock

I would 100% recommend Kelly. She is super lovely and really cares about what she does and her clients. Before I set up time with Kelly I was constantly bloated, fatigued and demotivated which just wasn’t the usual me, but it had been going on for a few years. I didn’t realise it was all was linked. I originally just wanted to ask a few questions about being bloated but after just one consultation Kelly linked everything together and explained in a way I understood what was going on. Kelly not only organised regular video calls with me but she was also really easily available when I had questions via email or call. She created very simple and effective plans for me to follow and easily adjusted when parts weren’t working. Since working with Kelly I have so much more energy, my bloating has gone and feel so much better. I also understand my body more and what is good and bad for me. She gave me after care advice which I really appreciate and I know if there is anything else I can easily go back to her. If needed I will definitely reach out to Kelly again in the future!

Woman in Yellow

Jennifer Macson

I have been looking for a nutritionist with a holistic approach to healthy eating. Due to the hectic nature of my job, I was not incorporating enough healthy variety in my meals and sometimes would skip meals. This led to brain fog and low energy which also affected my sleep. Following our initial contact, Kelly was spot on about what I was seeking to achieve. At our consultation meeting, Kelly patiently walked me through my food diary (which was completed before our meeting) and give me such great advice and tips. Kelly is very knowledgeable and I thoroughly enjoyed how she educated me on what healthy eating actually means. Kelly's holistic approach is amazing as it involves not just suggestion of healthy food, supplements and exercise, but also great recipes!. I learned so much from our consultation session and have been incorporating her advice everyday. I actually look forward to meal times knowing that I am eating a healthy balanced meal and the right portion size. I have noticed that I am more alert at work and sleep has definitely improved. Kelly is friendly , very professional and answered all my questions. I will definitely recommend Kelly to friends and family. Thanks Kelly!