Wellness Resources

My mission is to help people achieve a fulfilling and active life of wellness, healing and happiness, and that’s why I provide this section full of useful resources and contacts who I work with.


Fresh Fit London

George Pearse - Personal Trainer

George Pearse is one of East London's leading personal trainers. Based primarily in a private studio in Broadway Market, but also training in and around the East End on a mobile basis, his methods revolve mostly around a combination of body-weight exercises, natural movement and high-intensity principles. He'll get you lean, limber and the fittest you've potentially ever been.


Nicky Clinch

Transformational Life Coach, Macrobiotic Counsellor & Chef

Through her powerful blend of spiritual and emotional healing and Eastern medicine, Nicky guides people to thrive in their health, lives and self-expression.  Nicky has been on her own personal journey of transformation over the past 20 years, from the depths of addiction and eating disorders to now fast becoming a leading pioneer in the wellness and self development world.

Nicky offers one to one coaching, workshops, retreats & online training.


Eleven Healing

Josie Ross - Intuitive Energy & Sound Healer

In a one to one session, Josie uses a nurturing fusion of energy work and the healing frequencies of alchemy crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, chimes and light language to guide you into a place of stillness, supporting you to open, release and connect within. Through the use of deep energy work with her hands she works on the physical and energetic bodies, addressing any blockages and imbalances, bringing you into alignment. Her compassionate and warm nature provides a safe and strong space for you to transcend anything that may be holding you back from being in your true personal power, opening the potential for shifts on many levels.

Suzanne logo.jpeg

Retreats - 2018

FITFess (France) Holistic Health & Fitness Instructor

Suzanne is the founder of FITfess, a holistic health & fitness company based in southern France, with over 26 years experience in personal and group fitness. An ex lifeguard Suzanne is also qualified in SUP Yoga, Zumba, Mindfullness for children & adults, Advanced Holistic Nutrition and Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy

The Natural Balance and Fitfess will be collaborating on  retreats in France and Spain throughout 2018.