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Pregnancy Nutrition Plans & Packages

You've just found out the wonderful news that you're expecting - congratulations!

This is such an exciting time, however the amount of information available for soon-to-be mothers and parents can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to nutrition. Making sure you're supporting your growing baby with the right foods quickly becomes many mum's primary concern. Ensuring you're also supporting yourself during this growth period is often forgotten but just as important.

Using our comprehensive pregnancy nutrition plans and packages will put you on the right path to navigate your pregnancy journey for a happy and healthy mum and baby.

How Nutritional Therapy Can Help In Pregnancy

  • Understand what nutrients are essential for you and baby during pregnancy

  • Supporting you through morning sickness, fatigue and appetite changes

  • Nutrition advice to support a healthy pregnancy in all trimesters

  • Natural nutrition, supplement and lifestyle advice for pregnancy

  • How to manage weight gain during pregnancy in a health way

  • Managing stress, exercise, and how to slow down during pregnancy

  • The 4th Trimester: breastfeeding, rest and nutrition post-partum

  • Support for the the first 1000 days of your baby's life

pregnancy nutritionist prenatal nutritionist

Pregnancy Nutrition Packages

What's Included?

  • Comprehensive analysis of your current food intake -  3 day Food Diary Assessment

  • Full Health & Medical History to gain greater understanding of your symptoms

  • A fully Personalised Pregnancy Nutrition Plan catered to your needs and preferences

  • Tailored Recipes and Pregnancy Meal Plans to help you achieve your health goals

  • Customised Supplement plan (10% discount)

  • Carefully selected Lifestyle and Exercise recommendations designed to compliment your nutrition and health goals

  • Regular Calls and Support to track progress and amend your personalised Nutrition plan as needed

  • Access to your own Nutrition Portal and Downloadable App to review reports, test results, meal plans and to log your food, mood and exercise

  • Bi-Monthly follow up sessions to help keep you on track, motivated and held accountable to achieve your objectives

  • Unlimited access throughout the program for ongoing support and questions

On the Free consultation we will discuss your needs and work out whether the 3 or 6 month package would be more appropriate to help achieve your health goals

* You will be redirected to Practice Better

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Freshly Picked Food

6 Week Pregnancy Nutrition Plan

This package is perfect for you if you are within your first trimester.

1 x  60 minute Initial Consultation
5 x 30 minute follow up calls


6 Week Pregnancy
Group Plan
(Coming Soon!)

This group package may be less personalised, but includes all the essential nutritional information you need. The weekly content is the same as the 6 Week Pregnancy Package, but does not include the personalised nutrition plan or deep-dive into your medical history.

1 x  60 minute Group Initial Consultation
5 x 45 minute Group follow up calls


* You will be redirected to Practise Better


Pregnancy Nutrition Specialist 

Learn more about Gail, our fertility, pregnancy & hormone nutrition specialist who will guide you through your fertility package journey with The Natural Balance. 

You can book your Free 20 minute Pregnancy call with Gail here

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