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A bit about Natalie...

Nutritional Therapist

Natalie’s interest in nutrition began a decade ago when she started working in demanding corporate environment. Natalie personally experienced the impact stress, lack of sleep and reliance on stimulants has on the body and began struggling with her own health concerns - daily bloating, frequent headaches, constant nausea, severe PMS, fluctuating weight and low energy.

At the same time, metabolic conditions were on the rise here in the UK, and around the world. Natalie witnessed the declining health of those around her who pushed through the day, surviving on poor nutrition and adrenaline rather than truly thriving.

The connection between food and lifestyle and declining health was obvious.

Symptoms that are so often deemed as ‘normal’ or ‘not bad enough’ is what drives Natalie to help clients feel better and live a full and healthy life.

Everyone deserves to feel amazing.

Natalie understands the frustrations behind not finding answers to symptoms too.

She works closely with clients and their GPs (where necessary) to ensure people get the right support and not just a ‘pill for an ill’. Her own experience with drug side effects – and her families experience with being prescribed the wrong medication - is also what lead her to look for a natural approach to health and wellbeing.

Approaching health with Naturopathic and Functional Medicine training, Natalie views all the systems in the body as connected, listening to symptoms as feedback from the body which help identify the root cause/s. 

Natalie prides herself in being client focused, listening to how you feel and supporting you every step of the way to better health. After all, health is true wealth and if we don’t take the time to look after our health now, we will be forced to in the future. 

As well as extensive experience in gut health including IBS, IBS and intolerances, Natalie specialises in metabolic concerns, weight loss, stress and burnout, long Covid, energy and fatigue. 

All practitioners at The Natural Balance are highly trained to cover a whole range of health concerns, not just the ones listed above.

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