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Qualified Health Coaching

A health coach empowers you with the additional skills to support you on your health journey to ensure longer term and lasting results. 

Being a health coach is about using the power of behavioural change to manage inhibitions, fears and blocks to keep clients on track, motivated and hit their health goals - all within the realm of delivering The Natural Balance's nutrition protocols.

Negative thoughts, existing routines and mindset blocks are often what stops people succeeding. 

Health coaching differs to nutritional therapy in that we may not always focus on the physical 'how' something can be done but the 'why'. 

Digging deep into our goals, dreams, fears, internal chatter and self doubt, can cause blockages to us reaching our true health potential.

By combining nutrition plans with coaching, I hope to be able to help clients unlock their true potential and achieve anything they want for themselves. 

By working out what we truly want from our health can then motivate us to reach those goals.

In health coaching we use a diverse range of coaching tools, techniques and mindset to help us reach out true potential. 


I did my training with Zest4Life, a global consultancy company that runs programmes designed to keep qualified nutritionists up-skilled, as well as providing training to grow and develop existing skills. 

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