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Client Testimonials

Sam W, 35
December 2020

I got recommended to Kelly from a good friend. I came to see Kelly because I had decided to come off the pill (which I had gone on 20 years ago bc of acne) I knew there was a high chance of it coming back which caused me lots of anxiety & my friend said Kelly had a lot of experience in this area as she went through it herself which was comforting to know. When I met Kelly for my first consultation she made me feel very at ease and I felt like she definitely had the knowledge. I was reasonably healthy anyway but sticking to this new way of eating was tough for me at the start as I tended to be a grazer. After a while I got used to it & now is a way of life. Kelly gave me all the right supplements to support my body going through this change & it’s now been 4 months and still no break outs which I am delighted with. The journey with Kelly was amazing & I couldn’t recommend enough for acne worries. Kelly has left it open for me to come back if anything does change which is comforting to know as I know I’ll be In safe hands. Thank you so much Kelly.

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Becky W, 31
November 2020

I would 100% recommend Kelly. She is super lovely and really cares about what she does and her clients. Before I set up time with Kelly I was constantly bloated, fatigued and demotivated which just wasn’t the usual me, but it had been going on for a few years. I didn’t realise it was all was linked. I originally just wanted to ask a few questions about being bloated but after just one consultation Kelly linked everything together and explained in a way I understood what was going on. Kelly not only organised regular video calls with me but she was also really easily available when I had questions via email or call. She created very simple and effective plans for me to follow and easily adjusted when parts weren’t working. Since working with Kelly I have so much more energy, my bloating has gone and feel so much better. I also understand my body more and what is good and bad for me. She gave me after care advice which I really appreciate and I know if there is anything else I can easily go back to her. If needed I will definitely reach out to Kelly again in the future!

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Jennifer O, 45
December 2020

I have been looking for a nutritionist with a holistic approach to healthy eating. Due to the hectic nature of my job, I was not incorporating enough healthy variety in my meals and sometimes would skip meals. This led to brain fog and low energy which also affected my sleep. Following our initial contact, Kelly was spot on about what I was seeking to achieve. At our consultation meeting, Kelly patiently walked me through my food diary (which was completed before our meeting) and give me such great advice and tips. Kelly is very knowledgeable and I thoroughly enjoyed how she educated me on what healthy eating actually means. Kelly's holistic approach is amazing as it involves not just suggestion of healthy food, supplements and exercise, but also great recipes!. I learned so much from our consultation session and have been incorporating her advice everyday. I actually look forward to meal times knowing that I am eating a healthy balanced meal and the right portion size. I have noticed that I am more alert at work and sleep has definitely improved. Kelly is friendly , very professional and answered all my questions. I will definitely recommend Kelly to friends and family. Thanks Kelly!

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Caroline J, 68
August 2021 

Highly recommended
I was suffering from acid reflux despite taking medication to control stomach acid for 20 years, this was occurring after every meal and was very unpleasant. I was also diagnosed with diverticula disease and experiencing very loose stools. This was so bad that it was difficult to go out as I may need the toilet very quickly.
Finally, I wished to loose weight as I thought this would help my digestive problems. The GP service had nothing to offer me and I was completely fed up with my situation, feeling that my digestive symptoms were ruling my life
Kelly was recommended to me by my son and I decided to try a Nutritionalist. I was concerned about whether Kelly would be able to help me and also about the cost.
Kelly was confident she would be able to help me and that gave me hope. She listened to my problems and used her knowledge and skills to explore solutions. Kelly supported me to drastically change my diet gradually over time, this was to allow my system to heal. It is difficult to change you eating habits but she was patient and helpful, giving me advice about different foods and recipes. I could message her at anytime and she responded quickly to any concerns or changes.
She advised me about supplements and other foods to support my digestive system and manage my symptoms.
One of the best results was the improvement in my bowels so I no longer have to worry about going out, this has given me my freedom back.
I am also very pleased with how much weight I have lost which has put me in the NHS healthy weight range.
My acid reflux has improved a great deal and with Kelly’s support I have come off the stomach medication I have taken for 20 years. Managing the acid is still a work in progress but Kelly has given me lots of tools to help me manage it and I expect it to continue to improve.
Although I am no longer having consultations with Kelly I can message her with any concerns I have.
I am no longer concerned about the cost of the consultations as it has been worth every penny.

Sarah L, 35
April 2021 

Before working with Kelly I had a limited idea where to start in regards to nutrition. I needed guidance with the right food products and brands as well the healthiest supplements to take for health. I was a bit apprehensive because I was worried that the food I would have to eat would not be suited to my taste but Kelly gave me a meal plan that suited me. The hormone balancing program was very informative, I now understand how my hormones can be affected by what I put in my body. I enjoyed the process of working with Kelly, she is kind, encouraging and patient. The consultations were very helpful as there was always a solution that didn't feel impossible. I have seen some great results working with Kelly, I have lost some weight and my eating habits have really improved and as a result I feel so much better.

Thank you Kelly xx

Iwona C, 32
November 2020

Working with Kelly was a pleasure! She has provided me with amazing plan which helped me to improve my hormonal imbalances. Her consultation was friendly and professional at the same time, she is very knowledgable person, who listens and also answers all of my questions in a simple way.

Fleur M, 33
November 2020

I went to see Kelly because I felt lethargic, bloated and just generally sluggish. I didn’t really think she’d be able to help as my GP hadn’t been able to identify any issues.Kelly is down-to-earth yet professional. She really knows her stuff and I was so relieved that she was able to identify the issue and offer some pragmatic advice for how to rectify it.It was great to be able to put my finger on what the issue was and to develop a plan of action for how to tackle it. We put together a comprehensive action plan and I only had to take the first couple of steps before I started feeling much better.With a few tweaks to my lifestyle and the gradual adoption of some healthier habits, I am now feeling really good and my skin is looking great which is an unexpected bonus! Thanks Kel.

Veronica B.
September 2021

For over 20 years I had been experiencing pain in my stomach and suffering from acid reflux and bloating before I met Kelly.  I slept only 5 hours each night and was stressed out most of the time.  My diet was poor.

Six months later my life has hugely changed. Although I wasn’t convinced that 20 years of pain in my guts and less  nutrition in my diet could change,  I am so pleased to say I can eat almost anything and I sleep better now.

Kelly was wonderful.  She was always punctual and read my food journals carefully before each meeting, and was able to give me useful feedback which helped me to progress throughout my consultation with her. She was very professional in her approach and an excellent listener. She was able to empathize with any struggles that I had outside her control.  She was very kind and considerate.

Three most important things I will take away from Kelly are:

  • Improvement in my diet and lifestyle – eating healthily and exercising more

  • Living my life pain free – no stomach ache, no bloating and no acid reflux

  • Sleeping at least 7.5 hours at night and feeling less stressed.

Rebecca T, 24
June 2021

Before I had a consultation with Kelly, I felt like I had no other options to help me with my health concerns. I’d spoken to doctors and other healthcare professionals that simply didn’t have the time and energy to invest and help me. I had been putting on weight, feeling tired with no energy constantly even with eight hours sleep. I was concerned that through dietary changes it wouldn’t be enough to change and help my symptoms. Kelly was amazing throughout the 3 month plan I had with her. She is very thorough, understanding and a brilliant guide to changing everything from diet to exercise. At first the process was a challenge changing habits i have had for years however Kelly is always on hand to help if you have any questions or concerns. The results have been astounding and I have lost nearly a stone in three months by making better dietary and lifestyle choices, finding the perfect balance.

Liz B, 35
April 2021

I was looking to overhaul my diet completely having fallen into really bad habits due to working long hours. Kelly helped me to do that and it was genuinely transformative. I felt completely different in just a few weeks - just so much better with much more energy. She’s lovely to work with. She really listens and gives tailored advice. Highly recommended!

Charlotte H, 29
April 2021

I 100% recommend Kelly, below is my feedback of my experience working with her and I couldn't be happier to share it. Thanks Kelly for all your help and support 🙂


1. What was your situation like before you started working with me? What symptoms/pain/confusion did you have?

Before working with Kelly, I suffered from crippling period pains, hormonal acne, polycystic ovaries and bad PMS. At least 2 weeks before my period I would start having bad period pains - by the time it was my period, the pain would significantly worsen. I was essentially in pain for the majority of the month with varying degrees of severity! PMS would also hit for about 2 weeks before my period, I would have little to no energy, have really bad cravings but worst of all feel really down and depressed - not myself at all. I was irritable and it was impacting my relationship with my partner. I would also get a lot of spots around my jawline which were uncomfortable and also knocked my confidence.


2. What reservations/concerns did you have about doing the consultations?I didn't really have any reservations or concerns - I guess it was more I didn't know what to expect and wasn't sure I could be helped. I'd come to accept that period pain during the month and through my period was just something I’d have to deal, PMS was always going to impact my life and spots I'd just have to mask with make-up - I didn’t believe there was anything I could do to help it.


3. What has the process of working with me been like?It’s been a pleasure working with Kelly. Throughout the whole process I have felt supported. From the initial consultation, Kelly made me feel really comfortable and I found it really easy to open up with her about things I thought I'd never share with anyone but it has benefited me massively as she truly understood me and my situation. It's been massively educational - I have learnt so much from Kelly and also through Kelly's fantastic Hormone Balancing Programme. It's also been experimental - I would try things and then loop back in with Kelly, review and change things as necessary. Kelly is also realistic; she talks about an 80/20 approach where you can still enjoy yourself whilst being mindful of what you're eating - she doesn't expect you to cut out everything. You're trying to create a lifestyle - this isn't a diet.


4. What is the one best (or top 3) tip or results you have got from working with me?Eat more vegetables! Kelly educated me on the importance of diet and the impact it has on your hormones and menstrual cycle. There are so many conflicting messages on what you should eat, what food groups you should cut out etc. but Kelly taught me the benefits and nutritional value in certain foods and made me realise food is fuel. As someone who has always suffered from a bad relationship with food, this has massively helped me. I thought I had a pretty healthy diet before, however Kelly opened by eyes to the fact I wasn't eating enough to allow my body to detox itself and I was eating things that were making my pains and symptoms worse! I now eat substantial, filling meals which keep me full, fill me with energy and help reduce my symptoms. I no longer get pains in the run up to my period, the pains during my period have significantly reduced, my skin is so much better, I don't experience PMS anywhere near to the extent that I used to and I'm so much happier in myself.The meal plans and information that Kelly provides you with are great - I especially love the shopping list you can just print out and take with you to the supermarket.Kelly also taught me the importance of managing my stress - my job is very fast paced, full-on and stressful - another contributing factor to my symptoms. Also, I would only ever do high intensity workouts which I didn't realise was also adding stress to my body! She provided me with breathing exercises and suggested adding yoga/Pilates to my workout schedule - something which I now love!

Julie S, 62
September 2022

I was recommended to contact Kelly at The Natural Balance after suffering years of stomach discomfort, pain and bloating. I had previously been diagnosed with IBS and had been given prescription medication that did not improve my condition. In contrast, after my first consultation with Kelly I felt sure that she understood my symptoms and could help me regain my health again.


How right I was!


After a few tests she had a clear idea of what symptoms needed to be treated. I started to see results within a few weeks, and now four months after starting to follow the protocols, I finally feel healthy again, and I no longer suffer with pain and bloating. The regular consultations were very encouraging and I always felt that my well-being was very important to Kelly. She is a joy to work with and I am so thankful for the help and genuine care she has shown me.

Aicha Z. 35
May 2021

Great experience, Kelly is the best coach & nutritionist if you are looking to understand how to deal with recuring acne, incorporate a healthy diet programme with a holistic approach, especially if you experience weigh fluctuations. I very much appreciate her work ethics, she is a great listener and always on point when it comes to advice and recommending products that embrace your well-being. I've been working with her since late October 2020 and by implementing her advice, I started noticing changes in my acne and body wellness within weeks; I am now confident and aware about what products I use on my skin and what I eat. My tips to have fun on this journey would be to do the work, to take her advice on-board, and trust the process :)

Kelly C, 39
August  2021

Having spent 10yrs with gut issues I connected with Kelly at Natural Balance through a recommendation from a friend and via Instagram. Kelly has some fantastic FREE content online, it was here I learnt about the condition I had been suffering from SIBO, Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth. Kelly works in a very honest and open way, gave me clear guidance and expectations on what it would take for me to get on a road of recovery to get my gut healthy again! I was a little apprehensive of working with a Nutritionist but it was the best decision made. I worked with Kelly for nearly 8 months, now I have a much better idea of what foods trigger my gut discomfort and I also know how to remediate this myself naturally. I still contact Kelly if I have any questions and it’s great to know she’s there. While I have such a better understanding of my gut and body in general now. I believe this is just the start of my journey. Just like everything in life – you exercise to stay healthy, you see a therapist to help you mind, I will always see a nutritionist to help with my gut health. I couldn't recommend working with Kelly at Natural Balance high enough.

Laura F, 38
February 2021

Lately I had a few gut issues, cramps bloating and PMS, so I took the decision to seek for professional help.Kelly and The Natural Balance helped me to understand my problems and gave me informations to fix them by having a health relation with food and a good lifestyle. Thanks!

Ben M, 59
January 2021

In 2019 I suffered from Tinnitus and Vertigo. This resulted in sleepless nights followed by raised hypertension. I tried various alternative treatments like acupuncture, massage and reflexology without much success. It was by luck that my workplace had organised a lunchtime session by Natural Balance. However due to lockdown in March 2020 the face to face session was cancelled but an individual online session took place where my initial symptoms were discussed and noted. At the time I had reservations that it would be another session of wasted time as nothing seemed to have worked. However, Kelly noted all the information regarding my lifestyle and eating habits and came up with an initial plan to reduce my anxiety and assist me in improving my health and sleep. These plans were refined at regular intervals as we worked together. Working with Kelly was a two way process as to what I can realistically achieve at the time. I found Kelly to be a good listener, very informative, knowledgeable and helpful. Kelly considered the body as a whole and through the process of eating healthily she encouraged me to take up regular exercise and also prescribed supplements which not only improved my sleep but also improved my general wellbeing. I would thoroughly recommend to give Kelly a try should you require to resolve any health issues

Lily L, 23
August 2020

I went to see Kelly to help me with the testing side effects of my endometriosis, which was had to grapple with by myself. She was so great at identifying the things that were impacting on me, and helping me make the changes I needed to feel better that were also so easy to stick with too. I am now feeling so much better and have Kelly to thank!

Stewart K, 36
June 2022

I began working with Kelly at the turn of the year having had a recurring gut problem for pretty much the entire of 2021. Having been to the doctors and had various tests, I was still none the wiser as to what it was and it had become a major frustration/depressant to me because it took over my life (constantly in pain and no energy etc).


Natural therapy is not something I knew anything about before I met Kelly and if I am honest my expectations were pretty low. Kelly quickly got to grip with my situation and prescribed me an intensive treatment of supplements and redesigned my diet.


In short, it’s now been 7 months since I began working with Kelly and I haven’t had one flare up! I can’t recommend Kelly highly enough (especially to men like me who may be sceptical as to what natural therapy can do to help). She really cares about what she does and was attentive, efficient, non judgement and patient.

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