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"...I'd earned the money back I'd invested on Kelly's coaching within 4 weeks and by the time I left my corporate job, my next pay (my own self-employed pay) was due to match it. I couldn't believe it!"


3 & 6 Month Packages

Starting from £1,500


Learn more about how I grew a thriving practise in a year  in my interview with The ANP!


I was just starting out in clinical practice. I was set up on social, with a website and had a client portal in place. I had a handful of clients and but was ready to accelerate as I was leaving my corporate job in 2 months time and I was determined to make this my full-time income.

Really easy process. As with everything in life you get out what you put in. Don't expect to sit and be lectured at for an hour by Kelly - that's not how it works. Bring your needs to the sessions and she'll help guide you and troubleshoot along the way. 

I maxed out my availability for clients after the 3 months was up. I was earning more than my previous salary and I was excited about the future. So many NT's struggle to get their clinics off the ground yet so many people out there need our help. It's just knowing how to reach people, show them the art of the possible and grab it with both hands!

I highly recommend investing in a business coach. The same way we expect clients to invest in us if they want to see improvements, we need to turn the mirror on ourselves when it comes to business. Invest and you'll earn the money back.

Natalie (Coaching Client)

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