28 Day Gut Reset Programme

Why should you do a gut reset?

  • Struggling with 'sluggish digestion' or have less than one bowel movement per day

  • Lacking in energy, concentration & focus
  • You are suffering with occasional bloating and feelings of fullness

  • Craving sugar, caffeine and carbs or becoming 'hangry'

  • Always getting coughs and colds and feeling run down

  • Need inspiration and guidance of how to have a healthy balanced diet

  • Struggling with your weight

  • Experiencing minor skin outbreaks

  • You have a history of faddy diets

  • Even if you don't have any GI distress it's an opportunity to rebalance your gut and improve your health

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What Outcomes Can You Expect After 28 Days?​
  • Feeling healthier, happier and less sluggish

  • Improved digestion and regularity

  • Reduced bloating

  • More energy, focus and improved sleep

  • A stronger immune system

  • You may experience some weight loss

  • A complete understanding of how to have a healthy balanced diet

  • Ability to identify diet and lifestyle triggers that impact your gut health

  • Women may experience improved premenstrual mood and less pain

  • More motivation and inspiration for home cooking

What Does The Programme Include?

  • Four weeks of content to help you gain control of your gut health 

  • Complete 28 day meal plan including shopping list and meal prep tips

  • Over 60 + meal, recipe and snack ideas for you to keep

  • New modules unlocked each week to help guide your gut reset

  • Easy to understand educational videos to understand what, when and why you need to make certain changes to your diet in order to support your gut

  • The course will take 4 weeks but you have the option to learn at your own pace and access content remotely to complete when it suits you

  • 12 Month Access to programme content

  • Access to your own Nutrition Portal and Downloaded App 

  • Ability to track your progress online

  • Includes guided videos on nutrition, healthy habits, gut reset tips and lifestyle changes

  • Detailed handouts to support you throughout. 

28 day gut reset programme

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Client Feedback

 ​I felt like rediscovering myself. The person I wanted to be had finally come out of its shell & stepped out into the light. This was my highlight: the food programme was definitely life changing because although I was eating healthily overall prior to our meeting, I discovered with you that I was not eating the right way at the right time.

You introduced me to new products and I understood which ones were good for my health and which ones were bad. This also helped greatly with my digestion, but also my mood swings started to lessen and my appetite was finding balance again. I found harmony and pleasure in cooking again, something I love and very much enjoy, my mood swings were gone, I understand why they kept coming due to my sugar, sugar, sugar cravings, which have now been replaced with healthy snacks & breakfast. I only have something sweet occasionally now, where I actually enjoy it.

So, this has been great in the sense, I am in control of what I eat, what products I use in a healthy manner, which was what I wanted to achieve.

Aicha, Z 

I was constantly bloated, fatigued and demotivated which just wasn’t the usual me, but it had been going on for a few years. I didn’t realise it was all was linked. Now I have so much more energy, my bloating has gone and feel so much better. I also understand my body more and what is good and bad for me.

Becky, W

As someone who has always suffered from a bad relationship with food, this has massively helped me. I thought I had a pretty healthy diet before, however Kelly opened my eyes to the fact I wasn't eating enough to allow my body to detox itself and I was eating things that were making my pains and symptoms worse! I now eat substantial, filling meals which keep me full, fill me with energy and help reduce my symptoms. I no longer get pains in the run up to my period, the pains during my period have significantly reduced, my skin is so much better, I don't experience PMS anywhere near to the extent that I used to and I'm so much happier in myself.

The meal plans and information that Kelly provides you with are great - I especially love the shopping list you can just print out and take with you to the supermarket.

Charlotte, H


Is the programme personalised?

The programme guidelines are generic but they focus on removing foods that disrupt the gut and incorporating foods to help improve your overall health, improve energy and sleep, reduce cravings and give you inspiration and guidance in the kitchen.

I suffer with severe IBS, a mix of constipation and diarrhoea, Is this program suitable for me?

This program is not designed for anyone with pre-existing diagnosed gut disorders. If you already have a diagnosis such as IBS, Crohn's or Colitis you may benefit from a more personalised approach.  If you feel you need something more specific and personalised please book yourself a free 20 minute discovery call here and we can talk about how I can help you.

Can I do the programme if I'm pregnant/breast feeding?

This program is not designed for pregnant or breastfeeding women

I'm on prescription medication, can I do this course?

There is nothing in this course which should be contraindicated with your medication since we are focusing solely on food as a source of nutrition and not suggesting supplements. But it is always advisable to speak with your primary healthcare provider before undertaking this course


I eat meat, will I have to eat plant based for the whole month?

The purpose of this gut reset is to give your digestion a rest from its current routine. Meat can be much more difficult to digest and is often the reason people feel more sluggish when they eat it. However this gut reset is designed to educate you on how to have a healthy balanced diet and is not supposed to be restrictive, so if you would like to swap in some meat or fish for certain recipes, then you are welcome to do this.

Can I do this if I'm vegan/vegetarian/gluten free/lactose intolerant?

Absolutely! We will be talking about dairy in the programme and any recipes provided can be adapted to be vegan.


Do I have to follow your recipes or can I create my own?

Recipes and meal plans are there for inspiration, you will be encouraged to create your own meal plans and meal ideas throughout the programme and provided with the nutrition know-how to ensure you have healthy balanced meals.


Will I have to count calories?

Nope! The idea of this course is to show you the easiest and least time consuming way to have a healthy balanced diet. In week one, I will be asking you to track certain things but you are not required to do this the whole way through the program. You can of course track calories with an external nutrition app if you so choose.

Will I be suggested supplements on this course?

Since this is not a personalised course, you will not be suggested supplements. If you are looking for a more tailored approach to your health then I suggest looking at one of the 3 or 6 month nutrition packages we offer and booking a free 20 minute call to discuss this further

Will I be eating weird foods that the family won't like?

No weird foods! In fact the recipes provided are family friendly and many of them can be batch cooked/prepped in advance. You are in control of your own menu.


Does it matter if I have social commitments during the 28 days?

The purpose of the gut reset is to 'reset' your gut. This means removing certain trigger foods and known allergens that can impact your digestion. Often these trigger foods and drinks are what we consume when we eat out or socialise.  However, throughout this program you will learn how to make healthier choices with what you eat and this will include when eating out. The more you can stick to the plan the better results you will get.